We appeared in The Daily Telegraph last week!
It was a NEWS story about people’s love for their animals (we know that!).
Much of my work is interstate, or of late pets but on this occasion
everything fell into place like clockwork. A lovely owner who was happy to participate,
a lovely pooch who was happy to smile for the camera, and one of my larger oil paintings.
No mention of PaintedPets Contemporary Animal Portraits sadly! And no mention
of my ink & wash drawings, which of course start at a much lower price than my paintings.
Still – it was great to be in the paper! A big thank you Kristi Miller Photo Editor.












Getting the perfect picture of a pet can take a very very long time and hundreds of photos!
Then, you might have ten great pictures – almost!  The best eyes are in one photo, the best pose in another
(oh, that’s not quite in focus), the best light in yet another (pity about the background!)… and on it goes.
Actually it can drive you crazy!

That is why a painted portrait, either ink wash or oil paint, is by far a better idea!
A reputable artist can combine the elements you like best into one great work of art – the perfect portrait
of your pet. It takes a little time and planning (that’s why my fees are a little higher than some)
but you get the right result. And you don’t have to drive yourself crazy!