When commissioning a portrait of a pet – you really want to know what you are going to get, before you actually commit. Don’t you?

You know your pet. You have decided on a budget. So where do you go from there? Well, I like to see as many pictures of your pet as possible (because I don’t know him/her). A good range of images tell me many things about your pet’s personality which is a great asset for the painting. Sometimes the final work is a combination of a few images (ear position, eyes, paws, “smiles” can all be controlled and highlighted in a painting, the big advantage over a photograph!).

You are shown a range of layouts (usually 2-4) to consider. Some could be sketches, like this one, or some just cropped images you have supplied (it depends on the pictures). You may really want something that just will not work, so I’ll talk you out of it, because I know the final result will be disappointing – and that’s bad for my reputation and your wallet! We talk through everything so you know exactly what you will get before we start. Simple really. And very exciting!