I don’t do framing, and most often a portrait is fine without a frame, but this was a special request.

You get the idea how a portrait would look framed. Of course the choice of frames is endless, and it depends on the “look” you want and your wall space, decor and budget (that’s why it’s best for you to discuss the frame with a reputable framer/gallery). This is a classic pewter frame with a slip, focusing on our gorgeous subject, Rosie. Just showing how it can look. To frame or not to frame – it’s very much a personal choice. Either way is good, it’s just a case of personal style.

Still not sure?
I recommend a trip to the National Gallery (NGA), or a Regional Gallery near you, where they have a range of exhibitions on display, then if you like the idea of a frame, then a trip to the framers with your painting. The framer does it all the time, they are really helpful with ideas for a great result to complement the painting.